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Welcome to Winter

Welcome to Winter


  • Director
  • Filming
  • Editing


  • Red Helium
  • Red Dragon
  • Phantom Flex
  • Cinetruck
  • Black Arm
  • Movi Pro
  • Nikon D850
  • Kessler Second Shooter

The Challenge

Take an idea that has been done before and create something that is new and fresh for an audience that has seen it all before.

We pitched the client, JHMR, on an idea for a fall to winter hype edit to promote the arrival of winter and showcase the beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Solution

We used the cutting edge technology to capture the raw beauty of Jackson, Wyoming.  From fall to winter, we spent over a year filming in order to showcase what we notice every season as locals.  In our opinion, creating a video piece like this one, less branded…less in your face marketing, and more tourism based, allowed the audience to be invited to share it more organically.