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St. John's Health

St. John’s Health


  • Producer
  • Director
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Scripting


  • Red Helium
  • Red Dragon
  • Phantom Flex
  • Black Arm
  • Movi Pro

The Challenge

Create imagery to showcase the spirit of St. John’s Health as it rebrands its image, logo and name.

The client came to us needing to execute a video showcase the brand.  Something that would motivate and energize their team, the community and future employees as they move forward with their rebranding.  This marketing campaign consisted of a group of teaser videos as well as a main brand video.

The Solution

Utilize our expertise in moving images, as well as photography, and “bring” viewers into the space by filming during “golden hours” and utilizing the magic of winter in Jackson hole through snow fall and crisp light to evoke a feeling when you see the images.  Jackson Hole has multiple country clubs, so we needed to set the Club at 3 Creek apart, and we did that by honing in on the “community” feeling members have while focusing on the variety this club offers.

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